Leading German Kieffer / Keiffer Saddles brand

Kieffer, not Keiffer as some might misspell it, is a German brand of English saddles. They have a long history dating back to 1984. The company has a bit of interesting history along the way that include their factory being razed to ground by bombs during World War II. However, they are where they are today thanks to some great foresight by their leaders. You may want to read up on their history.

Kieffer produces a huge range of English saddles. This includes dressage saddles, junior saddles, jumping and general purpose saddles, almost all the kinds there are in the market. Kieffer don’t only produce saddles though. They do have all the horse tack available such as horse bridles and reins. They even have horse care products for riders which shows how big a company they are.

Kieffer produces a lot of new products every now and then. It will be quite a good idea to check their website for new products every month. Most are very professional such as the bridles or reins and so they do not come very cheap. Of course, they new English saddles have the most variety which really do look fantastic.

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