Different makers of western saddles and their individual specialities

Majority makers of western saddles are located in America. These include all your household brands such as Tex Tan, Tucker, Colorado, Synergist, Billy Cook, Cordura, American Saddlery and Bud Shaul Saddlery. Let me just list some of the special qualities of some of these brand to you.

Tex Tan - since 1919, western horse saddles and quality horse tack
Synergist - cater to you personally and take care of your personal needs with saddles.
American Saddlery - focuses on the quality of the workmanship in horse saddles
Wintec - founded in 1934, produces high quality synthetic saddles.
Bud Shaul Saddlery - produces customized horse saddles that customers request.

However, Australia is just as prominent in this market. Makers of western saddles there include companies such as Wintec, Barry Delbridge, Kent Saddlery and Powell Saddles. Not surprising though because Australia being such a big country of their own has farms and ranches throughout the country.

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