The best Marlene Eddleman Barrel Saddles for barrel racers

Yes, world champion Marlene Eddleman has his own pair of saddles and it is the Marlene Eddleman Barrel Saddles. Want to be a winner like him? While getting those saddles may not increase your skill level very much higher, it is more likely that you will be a source of admiration from other barrel riders. Marlene Eddleman Barrel Saddles is the cool thing in this field. For those who can afford it, get it now.

Most normal barrel saddles have a fixed tree shape lined with sheep’s wool lining. This makes it quite difficult to really fit the horse which comes in all shapes and sizes. The Marlene Eddleman Barrel Saddles though is different. Its form fitting tree ensures that each saddle is properly contoured to the horse curves and it is more closely in contact with the horse than ever.

Marlene Eddleman Barrel Saddles weigh only 23lbs, up to 5lbs lighter than other saddles. This is significant especially when barrel racers compete and lighter saddles are sure to give the horse an advantage. This saddle is made by Circle Y and goes for around $1500.