Popular Martin barrel saddles amongst the pros

When it comes to barrel saddles, Martin barrel saddles ranks highly among everyone. For professionals, this brand is synonymous when it comes to barrel racing. They do however have horse saddles for other uses such as trail saddles and roper saddles.

Martin barrel saddles cater to only a small group of professional riders. Due to this, they do have a limited range of saddles available. Also, their prices are fairly steep if you want to compare theirs and other more common brands which can be as low as just a few hundred dollars. But, this is fully compensated with the quality of the saddles.

The tree is specially made by themselves which makes is very strong and tough, their leather is Herman Oak leather. The seat is deeper to allow the rider to be closer and more in contact with the horse. All Martin barrel saddles are hand made and coated with a finishing by their own professional workers.

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