Can't find Mexican Horse Saddles?

Mexican horse saddles differ from all the other types of saddles available and has a history of about 300 years up to now. There are manufacturers who produce horse saddles in Mexico. Finding such saddles is America may be a bit tricky though. In actual fact, western saddles has its background from Mexican horse saddles. Therefore, Mexicans may be proud to know that buying western horse saddles in America has a bit of Mexican history in it.

The saddle horn was in fact invented by the Mexican vaqueros. In the past, there wasn't such a thing as a saddle horn at all. But because of the need to move livestock such as sheep around by horses easier, the saddle horn was born. The saddle horn of course has its purpose and there is a little bit of background in it which resulted in today's known Mexican horse saddles.

All the roping techniques were invented by Mexicans. In the past, their saddles had to withstand the shock of roping a 2000kg bull thus they shaped the tree in such a way that it can take care of this massive strain. To further enhance the strength, raw hide was layered over the tree. The horn came about as a result of this. The history of saddles in America came from most thing Mexican ncluding the art of saddle making, roping and team roping, reining, bull riding, bronco busting, the clothing, including chaps, bandanas.

-additional information by Ruben