Some ideas to find mini pony saddles

Pony saddles are in the range of 10” to 15”. For those looking for mini pony saddles, I presume what you are looking for is smaller than that. I smallest size I have ever come across is 8”, but even so, it will take quite a great deal of searching. Nonetheless, just a google search may pop up a few unexpected results that have size 8” for your little one.

One way though is to customize a mini pony saddle specially for your child, just like how those top brands hand-make western saddles for people. While hand made saddles may cost around 1k, I doubt hand made mini pony saddles will come to so much. The details are less and quality need not be excellent. Furthermore, reduced size means reduce cost too.

One problem that you may encounter though is finding horse tack of the right size for mini pony saddles. Mainly though, those can be left out as the bare essentials are on the horse saddles. Anyway, the point now is to introduce the child to horse riding and not ask him to ride professionally. There can be certain allowances in this case!