Miniature horse saddles for who?

Why would people want miniature horse saddles? For decorative purpose of course! Please do not mistake miniature horse saddles for youth saddles. One is really a dwarf-size version of the horse saddles while the other is a slightly smaller version for your children to use for horse riding.

Some websites sell really cute and adorable miniature horse saddles. These types of saddles are meant to impress the guests in your home. Truthfully, quality and workmanship, so important when dealing with horse saddles, is not important here. The main thing would be the design and colour of the miniature horse saddles. Try finding some show horse saddles. It will suit just its name, showing.

Miniature horse saddles cost only a fraction of the normal horse saddles. I found this miniature horse western saddle, JT-KS850, that looks absolutely perfect. Furthermore, it cost only US$150, with a saddle pad thrown in free!