Popularity of orthoflex saddles cannot be ignored

Orthoflex saddles are immensely popular amongst horse buyers. This is in part due to their patented Flex Panel system that fits the shape of the saddle ideally to the horse. This means that instead of needing to customize one for your horse, an ortho-flex saddle will solve that problem as it will contour the seat to the shape of the house. This is similar to Circle Y’s flex tree system too.

Orthoflex saddles have saddle types for all kinds of riding, western and English. They stock Western saddles, English saddles, endurance saddles and Australian saddles. In addition, they have horse tack, pads and boots amongst a lot of other accessories.

A unique thing about Ortho-Flex is that they accept trade-in saddles, something that not many other stall provides. So if you have really set your sight on one Orthoflex saddles, you may just trade-in with them. One bad point though is that they only have a 1 year limited warranty on their saddles when other manufactures have between 3 to 5 years.

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