Wide range of Pessoa saddles available

Pessoa saddles started out from manufacturing a revolutionary close contact saddle before finally getting to where it is today – one of the top leading companies in the making of English saddles. Its horse saddles have gained a tremendous following due to its workmanship, quality and design. It is definitely on of the top choices for those serious in this horse riding sport.

Legendary Nelson Pessoa, the founder of Pessoa saddles, has his own collection of English saddles, the legacy saddle range. This saddle range is specially meant for professional riders looking for close contact especially. It’s designed to pit the rider as close to the horse as possible because of the thin seat and unique features.

Besides close contact, Pessoa Saddles also have equipment for other types such as jumping or dressage disciplines. Their bridles are of equally high quality as the saddle range and the show off the horse to the best of their ability. They have other horse equipment too such as reins, halters and breastplates amongst others.

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