A wide variety of products at Pleasant Hills Saddle Shop

Ever heard of Pleasant Hills Saddle Shop? This is not really a saddle shop actually. They stock only a few saddles each time in fact. About 20 varieties each time. Their saddles are rather cheap however. The price range is within US$900 with the most expensive horse saddle, the Cheyenne Trail saddles, being only US$1350.

There are lots more things to shop at Pleasant Hills Saddle Shop however. First of all, they have apparels for children, men, women and things such as hat accessories. They have gifts like books, toys or videos and footwear for everyone. They also have stable and horse supplies such as grooming supplies and horse care products. In all, this Pleasant Hills Saddle Shop is very diverse in its products.

One thing to note about Pleasant Hills Saddle Shop though is that they have very useful horse accessories that you may not find in other online shops. Things for your beloved horse such as water basin, pole bases, water tanks, brush box and coat conditioner can all be found there. These are the small details you ought not to miss!

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