Where to find pony saddle pads

Some places to get pony saddle pads are from large saddle shops such as Dover sadddlery or Chick saddlery. These places are huge shops to get any horse equipment from and finding an item such as pony saddle pads should not be a problem at all. Pony shops are even better places for they specialize in this arena but there are more sadddle shops than pony shops around.

Pony saddle pads are very important for they protect your child from the jerk of the house during horse riding. Children have a lower tolerance and pain threshold level, thus it is important to ensure that they are comfortable at all times. It is more important to cultivate the love of horse riding at this age now then to train them to be professionals.

Those pony saddle pads with huge padding are great for male ponies that are more aggressive than their female counterparts. Hence, better cushioning is needed to protect your child and ensure he does not end the lesson with a sort bottom. The type of saddles used is also vital. Do not use one whose leather is too stiff. Go for soft leather that has been conditioned.

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