Basic information on pony saddles

Pony saddles, or youth saddles as some would have rather called it, are for kids with seat sizes 10” to 13”, as compared to western horse saddles that is between 14” to 17”. If your child has outgrown his pony saddles, it may be time to consider upgrading him to using normal horse saddles. Yes they cost more, but you don’t have much of a choice, do you?

As pony saddles are just meant for luxury horse riding, they are basically only a few types available. There are pony saddles for trail riding, ranch purposes, roper or barrel riding. Billy Cook though does have pony saddles for young barrel racers, though they are not very common. Pony saddles are generally cheap. $200 should be able to get you a fairly decent one.

Pony tack is also quite easy to find out there. Items such as pony bridles are stocked in almost every shop. The tack however do cost quite a bit. Bridles headstall plus breast collar and reins alone may cost over $100. If you are unable to find searches on pony saddles, try youth saddles or miniature horse saddles instead.