Find reliable and good quality pony tack

Ponies are a darling to everyone. Let's face it, everything small looks cute. Especially for your young ones in the family, the pony is all the more precious. It is therefore important to find proper pony tack for both the pony and the children. Never attemp to use horse tack on ponies for the simple reason that there is quite a substantial size difference. You may put the pony or even worst, the little one at rish if the pony tack is not suitable.

Pony tack should most advisably be bought from tack stores that specialises in them. Some may claim to stock both horse and pony tack but really, the range of pony tack items is extremely limited. As a rough gauge, if they do not have many brands of bit, bridled, saddles and pads, consider another store.

True pony tack stores are committed to providing the best quality pony tack. They have childrens' saddles and the like, and some even have pony related gifts that come in the form of t-shirts (yes! clothing!) for your pony. Interactive videos on ponies and horses and how to care for them that can guide your little ones can also be easily found. Be sure to scout around!