Basic information on ranch saddles

Ranch saddles are what those cowboys use. Cowboys work hard on their horses all day long and must be extremely tough to take the rough condition. Only go for the best leather and most reliable brand when it comes to ranch saddles. Any sub-standard brand may just cause your horse saddles to spoil much faster than normal.

Most ranch saddles are custom-made for their riders. Cowboys are very particular of this as they want to ensure that it fits perfectly on their horses. This is very important because they spend literally half the day on horses and they have to make sure that both the rider and horse will be comfortable by the end of the day.

When customizing your own ranch saddles, go for the best quality leather available. One type of leather that is good is the Hermann Oak leather. Also, comfort is very important to the rider. Most do not use saddle pads as it kind of look funny on cowboys. Therefore, soft leather should be your choice too with much padding.