How to carry your horse saddles around? Put them in horse saddle bags of course!

Horse saddles are as you know, very very expensive. Isn't it important then that we should protect and store these horse saddles in the right place? Saddle bags are very useful in transporting and storing horse saddles around. While you may say any other bag will do, saddle bags have their own purpose specially meant for horse saddles.

Saddle bags are usually made of stronger and more lasting material such as Cordura nylon to protect the horse saddles. In addition to that, most also have a protecting covering, acrylic lining for enhanced protection. Cheaper bags may be made with just the normal nylon.

Saddle bags are meant to specially fit horse saddles in it. Just like bowling bags which have compartments for bowling balls, saddle bags make sure which part of a horse saddle goes where.

If you are not an active horse rider and intend to keep your horse saddles, I advise you to get a saddle bag. This is because by exposing it to the elements, the leather material can be damaged easily or you may find mould growing on it. You should be able to find good saddle bags at US$50 or less.