What parts that can be sent for saddle repair

While horse saddles may have 3 or 5 years guarantee, even after such a long time, some may still hold dear to their horse saddles and refuse to change. But, the problem is they are now tattered and torn. The solution to this? Saddle repair comes in to give your old broken saddle a new lease of life.

Some of the parts that can be repaired are the stirrups, seat, tree or the horn. These are the more fragile places whereby over years, it is very easy to spoil and repairing the saddle could be a good choice. Most saddleries have this saddle repair service available. I do not really know how much it cost and so you may wish to enquire yourself.

For those saddles that are beyond repair, maybe it’s high time you get a new one. These days, saddles are extremely affordable. For example, $400-$500 can get you a brand new good quality one. Unless you really have sentimental value for your saddle, it’s time now to look around.

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