The need for saddle soap

Horse saddles are notoriously smelly items around. Well, who can blame them anyway? Riders sit on them for hours at a go, often with strenuous activities such as racing or ranch purposes. With horse saddles being sandwiched by the horse rider and the horse, it collects sweat from the horse and perspiration from the rider. The solution? Saddle soap.

Saddle soap helps to wash your horse saddles clean and rid it of germs and bacteria and that dreadful smell. Bacteria thrive in warm and moist leather which makes horse saddles their perfect breeding place. If there is no proper maintainance of it, very soon, there even might be algae growing on it.

Most saddle shops sell saddle soap, unless it is a very small shop. Keep in mind though when buying saddle soap. Buy those that are meant for leather, which means that the soap is meant to clean leather. In this way, you may clean all your horse tack and equipment as well such as your head gear or bridles.