Saddle trees provide the backbone for your saddle

Saddle trees are an important feature of many saddles, although some saddles now come without trees, and are known as treeless saddles. However, a saddle tree is an important feature because it forms the skeleton or the frame around which the saddle is built, and helps to more evenly distribute the weight of the horse rider, which provides more comfort for both the rider and the horse.

In the past saddle trees were made from wood, and many of today's ones still are. These trees were hand carved and custom designed for each individual saddle. Although the design of saddles and saddle trees has not changed all that much of the years, and many manufacturers still use wood for their trees, many manufacturers also now use lighter weight materials such as fiberglass for the construction of their saddle trees.

For saddles that need to be extremely sturdy in order to handle weight saddle trees are essential. You will find wide range of manufacturers that produce these that look great and are of excellent quality. You can also enjoy a great choice of reputable suppliers that can provide you with a selection of saddle trees to suit all needs and pockets.

You can enjoy a great choice of saddle trees online, where you will find a choice of suppliers offering a variety of saddle tree shapes and designs, as well as a choice of materials depending on your needs. The cost of saddle trees can vary depending on the type, material, and supplier that you choose, but you can look forward to great value for money on these riding accessories.