Famous saddle makers around

Just alone in America, there are more than a hundred saddles makers out there. Many have a history of forty years or more with some more than a century of legacy. With this, it seems quite hard to come to a conclusion whose saddles are better or superior over the others. Well, there are a few top brands out there and for those new to this sport, it is advisable to get from these reliable manufacturers.

Some of the saddles makers synonymous with horse riding are Big Horn, Billy Cook and Circle Y. In addition to this, there are Crates saddlery, Custom, Dakota, Fabtron or Tex Tan, all of which are equally famous. For English saddles, you might want to find the Australian stock saddle company which is famous in this field.

As you have more experience in horse riding and subsequently horse riding, you may find that certain types of saddles have certain manufactures that specialize in that particular field. These saddles makers are usually generations passed down who have kept up the tradition and are really better makers of such saddles. For beginners though, just take a small step now and get introduced into this new world.

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