Shoes are very importing in horse riding. Saddles shoes of course serve that own purpose

Different saddles shoes serve different purposes. You can't give a leisure horse rider the same type of saddles shoes as you would to a racing horse rider. These days, with more people of the fairer sex and children learning horse riding, the availability of saddles shoes for women and children has grown as well.

For cowboys or horse riders who venture into tough terrain, it is definitely a no-no to use normal saddles shoes. For these types of people, it would be best to go for boots that not only protect the feet but the whole leg. However, for those who ride horse for their own leisure, normal casual classic saddles shoes would suffice.

When looking for saddles shoes, comfort should be at the top of your priority. Looks can come second. After all, who really looks at your shoes while horse riding? People are either admiring your skills or the beauty of the majestic horse. Saddles shoes can be bought easily from online stores from between US$30 to US$40.