What is a Spotted Saddle Horse and the characteristics of it

Spotted Saddle Horse, as the name suggest, is often spotted and are naturally gaited, meaning that they are very smooth trotters or canterers, making it ideal for horse lovers to ride on them. In fact, its smooth gait is such a desirable quality that they are cross-bred with other breeds in the hope of spreading their good genes to other breeds. They are also powerful horses whose usefulness to man in war is immense.

Spotted Saddle Horse is more of a show and leisure horse than a racing one, making it very likeable to horse enthusiasts. Spotted Saddle Horse is famous for its show walk, show gait and canter. You may like to find out what each means, such as show gait which is similar to flat walk, just that it is faster thus placing it in the intermediate gait range.

Spotted Saddle Horse is probably one of the very few breeds who are so popular that they have a website and an association for them. The Spotted Saddle Horse Association of Kentucky has its own website for this horse type to bring together people with similar interest in this horse. There are many websites where champion Spotted Saddle Horse are there for you to admire. These are horses that are really beautiful, appearance wise and character wise.

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