Stubben saddles fitted with the Stubben tree

Stubben saddles are English saddles, meant for styles of riding such as dressage or equestrian. They have over 100 years of history and the company has changed hands for about 4 times now. With such a legacy behind them, you expect their quality to match it and true to their name, they live up to it.

There are many types of Stubben saddles available. They include close contact, youth, dressage and gaited saddles. They even have polo saddles, specially meant for athletes playing the sport polo which comprises of a game between two teams of players mounted on horses and a ball.

The most unique part of Stubben saddles is that they are fitted with their very own Stubben tree. Summarizing the benefits of the Stubben tree, they are flexible which means they fit nicely onto the horse but are yet strong and durable to withstand extensive movement and weight. This is definitely what sets Stubben saddles apart from the rest.