A brief history of Tennessee Walking Horse and about the saddles

Tennessee Walking Horses are a unique breed of their own. They are of many bloods due to the extensive cross breeding of the thoroughbreed with breeds such as the Canadian Pacer and the Narragansett Pacer, both of whom are already extinct, and with many other breeds as well.

Tennessee Walking Horse has many uses for people back them. They have an amazing amount of stamina which is ideal for the people in Tennessee who are looking for horses of riding, driving, farm work and farm work purposes.

Tennessee Walking Horse saddles are the gaited horse saddles. Because they are walking horses, horse saddles such as trail saddles can also be used as well.

The cheapest Tennessee Walking Horse saddles I found was the 16" Big Horn Brown Cordura Gaited Horse Saddle High Withers 257 which cost about US$550. The most expensive one is the Gaited Horse Trail Saddle 281 from Crates, which cost around US$1250.

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