Known for its wide range of horse saddles, Tex Tan saddles have become a house hold name with horse enthusiast

Tex Tan Company has a huge range of horse saddles. It stocks show saddles, Arabian saddles, reiner saddles, penner saddles, cutter saddles, roper saddles, rance saddles, barrel saddles, trail or pleasure saddles, flex saddles and it's proud NBHA saddles. Whatever type of saddles you are looking for, it's got to be here.

Each type of Tex Tan saddles has a different purpose and differs slightly. You may have to try on a few saddles with your horse before settling on one that really fits. For example, if pleasure or trail saddles are what you want, there are still about twenty or such saddles to choose from. Each has a different feel for your horse and of course, different prices.

Tex Tan saddles can cost as low as about US$550 to as high as US$2700. For a beginner who wants a trail or pleasure saddles, US$570 can get you the 16" Tex Tan Albany Pleasure Saddle 08-4900. However, for the highly charged up rider, the US$2700 16" Tex Tan "The Legend" Show Saddle 08-1579-9N6 may be the one that suits you best.