Don't be surprised by treeless saddles

Think the most basic part of any saddle is the tree? The seat? Well, this may actually force you to think again. Saddles are now going treeless. Treeless though do not imply that is has no seat. The seat is still present but it’s now without the wood or fiberglass commonly used. This growing trend has found its fair share of admirers and people who insist on treeless saddles.

The tree was originally meant to keep the rider steady during times of war. Now though, there isn’t a need for the tree anymore and we shouldn’t be kept in those war time era. When searching for treeless saddles, be sure to test it out and ensure that the quality used is non-slip material. This makes you safe when getting on and off the saddle.

Treeless saddles makers claim that treeless saddles are more comfortable for the horse thereby making the horse more relaxed and calm. While I cannot confirm the latter, the first claim do indeed makes sense. The seat is notorious for causing problems in the horse such as backaches or bruise and injuries. For those with horses common to these problems, it may be time to change to treeless saddles.