Leading brand Tucker Saddlery

Tucker saddlery is a giant when it comes to making trail saddles. Specializing in making only trail saddles, they are highly sought after my pleasure riders. The name Tucker saddlery comes first to most people minds when they are looking for trail saddles. Part of the reason is due to their high quality workmanship, with their horse saddles still being made within America.

The focus of Tucker saddlery lies in the seat of the horse saddle. Much attention is paid to that area to ensure that any saddle will fit snuggly onto any type of horse back; slope back, short back, wide or narrow backs. All their saddles are made from trees and no fiberglass seats at all. Tucker saddles are finished in the trademark DURAhide.

Tucker saddlery sells plantation trail saddles, endurance and trooper trail saddles. They also have horse tack and accessories specially meant to complement their horse saddles such as bridles, reins, girths and saddlebags among many other items. Their continued quest for excellence can only mean better products rolled out by Tucker saddlery

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