Tucker saddles, 90 years of experience in horse saddles making

Tucker Saddles may not stock many saddles, but the few they have actually spread across a very wide range. For example, they have;
-River Plantation Trail Saddle
-Ranch Hand Saddle
-Equitation Endurance Saddles
-High Plains Trail Saddle
-Old West Saddle
and others.

Tucker saddles are made based on 90 years of horse saddling experience and an abundance of knowledge in horses. Thus, the saddles they make are meant to suit a typical horse and his owner nicely. The drawback though is that not many of their saddles are custom-made. One's man food may be another man's poison. A horse saddle that fits another horse may not be the one for you.

Tucker Saddles however have other horse tack and accessories for your shopping pleasure. They stock bridles, reins and accessories, breast straps, stirrups, girths, saddle bags and other accessories. Though Tucker Saddles may not be the largest company in this field, you can be sure they never compromise on the quality of their merchandise.

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