Different types of saddle rigging

Saddle rigging is what holds the saddle to the horse. The main aim here is to ensure that the horse saddle will never be displaced so theoretically, whichever type of saddle rigging is not important as long as the aim is reached. The position of the saddle rigging determines where on the horse the horse saddle will be at.

There are a few types of saddle rigging such as
1) The Colorado Saddlery 3-Way “Perfect Rig”™
2) Flat Plate Rigging
3) Enduro-balanced ride rigging with single tie
4) Double dee “drop” western rigging
5) Balanced ride English billet rigging

The most important part for good saddle rigging lies in the tree. The saddle tree must come with bars that are not only have enough twist and bend, but also enough flair to allow to horse to move freely. The saddle tree must also be wide enough to accommodate the horse's size. You can easily measure your horse by using a flexi-curve, found at any stationary stall.

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