Get those used dressage saddles at low prices

Dressage saddles are english saddles. To look under a broader or wider category, try english saddles first before narrowing down to used dressage saddles. Not many places stock used dressage saddles. But, when you have found an online store(it's easier), keep note of a few things to look out for.

When looking for used dressage saddles, enquire to see whether the leather is ultra-violet resistant and weatherproof. As horse riding is an outdoor sport, being in the sun frequently may spoil the leather quickly and coupled with sweat and rain if the dressage saddles are not weatherproof, you may find yourself shopping for another one very soon. Also check to see if there is a flexi bloc system, important for your thighs to fit snugly. Finally, used dressage saddles that have air panels are ideal for your horse as it aids in the evaporation of sweat, essential if you horse ride for many hours.

Prices of used dressage saddles vary greatly. The cheapest one I found is a German made dressage saddle, EURORIDING SAPHIR, which cost only US$400. The most expensive will have to be this French used dressage saddles, LUC CHILDERIC DAC that goes for a cool US$2800.