Find cheap used english saddles here

The market for used english saddles has clearly grown to quite a big one. English saddles are not exactly the cheapest horse tack around. While western saddles can go as low as a few hundred dollars, english saddles usually cost around a few hundred dollars too, just that it is closer to the thousand side.

How to determine a used english saddles' value? Very simply, used saddles that are considered to be new or almost new should only show slight creases on billets, the leather should look stiff and new while the seat shouldn't have much flaps or stretch marks. Used english saddles that are not new on the other hand, are those whose leather shows signs of cracking and a lot of wear and tear throughout.

Used english saddles are as cheap as around US$350 while the more expensive ones can cost about US$3000. But for that price, I most probably think one would buy a brand new one to call it his own. Then again, it is up to your call. If that particular saddle really appeals to you, then I would suggest, do not hesitate and go for it!

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