Finding used ranch saddles

Ranch refers to a large farm where horses are raised. Ranch saddles are therefore horse saddles that people on ranch farms use. Some of you may think that it does not differ much from other horse saddles, but parts such as the horn and rigging are actually a bit different. Unless you use ranch saddles, it may not matter much to you.

Finding used ranch saddles may be a bit difficult over the net, more so if you are trying places like classified. Try looking for ranch saddles first. From those online stores, then check to see whether they sell used ranch saddles or are there any discounts on their ranch saddles. Most stores have year-round 'sale'.

Varieties of used ranch saddles are few. Nonetheless, there are a few new ones. A 16" 17" Hard Seat Custom Ranch A-fork Saddle FQHB dk 209af cost about US$650 after discount while the most expensive ranch saddles will have to be the 16" 18" Desert Creek Circle Y Hard Seat Ranch Saddle 1124 which goes for around US$1500.

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