Not all used roping saddles are reliable

Roping saddles are used by ranchers or people who look after herd and cattle. The National Team Roping Association (NTRA) is the biggest and most prestigious association when it comes to rope riding. This roping saddle market is quite big which makes it easy to obtain used roping saddles.

Used roping saddles can be found anywhere on the internet; it is quite common out there. Saddle shops and used saddles shops all have second-hand roping saddles for sale. Buyers though have to pay special attention to the brand of the used roping saddles you buy. Roping saddles must be extremely tough to take the hardship. Any weak leather can be dangerous for the rider.

While there are cheap roping saddles out there, I suggest you leave them alone. Instead, spend a bit more to buy from brands such as Big Horn or Custom whom are known for their quality. The leather used in the saddles is of top-notch quality and with 3 or 5 years guarantee, you can be sure that you roping saddles will be in good shape for many years to come.

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