Trying to find used western mule saddles?

Western mule saddles are very difficult to find. Very few brands stock such saddles. As far as I know, Colorado have a few. Billy Cook is another brand you might want to search for if you are looking for them. Used western mule saddles will therefore definitely be harder to spot out.

One way to find used western mule saddles would be to search in ebay. ebay, the largest internet auction site will have western mule saddles available. As you know, most items there are second hand and aloha! - you found your used western mule saddles. Just remember to search for western mule saddles first.

Alternatively, one may try searching in websites which have western mule saddles. It may be worthwhile to get new ones instead of used western mule saddles because the market is seriously quite small to have a seizable range to choose from. Limited demand creates limited supply, what others may offer may not suit what your needs require. Or maybe you can start consolidating all the used western mule saddles around and start a business!

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