Comparing used western saddles to brand new western saddles

Western saddles are mostly made of leather. Leather as we all know can spoil over time but leather also needs to be well conditioned to be used in its optimum performance. When buying used western saddles, bear in mind the quality of the leather. Check to see that it is in fairly good condition. It has to be well oiled and well cleaned and kept.

People usually go for used western saddles because they prefer the soft leather to the hard, unnatural leather of brand new horse saddles. This is actually a good reason and argument. As we all know horses need horse saddles that is comfortable to them, do you think they will prefer a stiff saddle to a soft and stretched one?

Nonetheless, because a horse saddles has many parts, buying used western saddles may mean you have to change the individual parts which are not working properly or are too old. Be comforted though that those horse tack are quite cheap. Each part can be found for around US$20 or below in most horse tack and accessories shops.

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