For the leisure riders, walking horse saddles are for you

Walking horse saddles are essentially horse saddles that are not specially made for active horse riding such as racing, jumping or showing. They do not require extra horse pad which acts like a shock absorber or other special features. In the past, farmers who used horses in their farms developed this breed of horse which does not require much special abilities but just for their raw strength and convenience.

Walking horse saddles are sometimes called leisure or pleasure or trail saddles too. The Tennessee Walking Horse is probably the most obvious form of walking horse for us to see. They are known for their canter, gentle manners and good looks. As such, beginners are usually associated with this horse type. Simply sit on the horse and be prepared for a leisurely ride.

Prices of walking horse saddles vary greatly. I managed to find a 1-year-old used western walking horse saddle that went for only US$150. However, you would most probably want a brand new one. For walking horse saddles, slowly go through the different brands and finding cheap walking horse saddles for about US$300 should not be much of a problem.

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