Cause heads to turn with western parade saddles

In just about every sport, there must be something interesting for the spectator to see. Maybe it is the athlete, or maybe it us the equipment used like in car racing where fans drool over the latest car being wheeled out. In horse riding, it is no exception. Parades are meant for people to admire and in this case, it is both the horse and flashy western parade saddles that are the eye candy.

Horse parades is still largely popular around the country. To win in this particular event, the horse definitely needs to be spectacular. However, I will focus on something else that is equally important though, western parade saddles. Western parade saddles are made by top horse saddles brands such as Dakota and Colorado. In fact, almost every company produces them.

Unlike your usual barrel or racing horse saddles, western parade saddles come in totally unseen colours such as silver and gold. This is sure to stand out among the judges and spectators. Furthermore, imagine a metallic silver on a black or white beauty. The results and effects would be stunning!

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