How to find proper western pony saddles

Thinking of finding a small saddle for your little one? Look for western pony saddles, which are commonly stock in many places. Instead of finding a saddle with a small seat size, western pony saddles will be more appropriate for younger riders. Not only are the seat size smaller, they are better suited for ponies and the stirrups are shorter too for those smaller legs.

Pony saddles, or youth saddles as some prefer calling it, comes in sizes between 10” to 15”. To see whether your child can fit one of these, measure his seat size first. The more common ones though are those 12” and 13”. If neither fits, you may just have to customize one for him. Anyway, re-selling it when he outgrows the pony saddle shouldn’t be very difficult with online buying now much more prevalent.

Contrary to what some think, that horse riding is an expensive sport for the rich, it is in fact actually very cheap. Western pony saddles cost as low as $100. This is just a fraction of what one pays for a western saddle! Sometimes, even the discount on your saddle is more than $100. Use that money to buy western pony saddle for little Sam, and father and son can go horse riding together!

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