Western saddle fitting - how to fit your western horse saddle on your horse

Correct western saddle fitting is very important to ensure that your horse remains healthy and is in no danger of getting bruised backs or damaging their backbones. Western saddle that is not fitting for your horse should be changed or replaced with another one that fits. QH(quarter horse) or FQHB(full quarter) are just sizes of the different trees used.

To fit your western saddle on your horse, first ensure that your horse is standing on level ground. Then, placed the saddle over it and find the natural resting position of it. When you feel that the saddle is at the correct position, check by ensuring that 2-3 fingers can be placed between the pommel and the wither.

One key point to take note for western saddle fitting is that of the bars. The bars are the places where it carries the load on the horse back. The bars must be evenly spaced out to ensure that equal weightage is given to different parts. If a particular part of the bar is pressing against the horse, there is excess pressure at that point and the weight of the rider is not evenly distributed which may cause permanent damage to your horse.

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