Western saddle pads are an important piece of horse tack for both the rider and the horse

Western saddle pads are important for the horse as it provides relief for the horse and helps to prevent sore and bruise backs. For the rider, it acts as a shock absorber and save us man our manhood. Especially when your horse movements are quite a bit, not those trotting or showing kind, western saddles pads are of utmost importance.

Western saddle pads are made of many different materials and have different designs. When looking for western saddle pads, be sure to find one that has fleece covering. This will make it ultra-comfortable for you. Shock absorbing pads are also very important. These are two things to take note of when shopping for western saddles pads. While I think the designs are secondary, some people simply like that saddle pads to be fanciful and pleasing to their eyes. Choice is up to you!

Western saddle pads usually cost below US$30 while you could get a slight better one for around US$50. However, one particular saddle pad that caught my eyes was the Cush N Air Adjust A Bar Western Saddle Pad. This western saddle pad is a shock absorber and allows great ventilation for air flow. This however cost a cool US$99.99!

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