What other ways to make your western saddle more attractive than to add it with silver accessories?

Western saddle, especially for western show saddle, requires it to be very pleasing to the eye for judges. As such, silver accessories are added to it to enhance the beauty of the saddle. Of course, the horse is the main item, not the silver studded western saddle.

Western saddle silver accessories are usually conchas, buckles, corner plates, name plates or the horn caps. While one may think that silver is very expensive, keep in mind that the aim here is the beautify the horse, not its value. So, the silver I'm referring to is actually cheap silver. All the above western saddle silver accessories cost between US$5 to US$30, with the most expensive piece at only US$40.

However, there's another way to add silver to your horse and it is not through silver accessories. The edges of your western saddle can be lined with silver such as sterling silver which is relatively cheap. The bar trim can also be silver plated to make it more attractive and your horse could be on its way to be a young champion!

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