Western saddles are for horses that are used for racing or travelling long distances. Aspiring Texan cowboys, western saddles are for you too

A few factors to consider while buying western saddles. Size of western saddles range from 14" to 18". Western saddles are the heavies equipment of the horse tack. It is not uncommon for western saddles to weigh at least 30 lbs. However, there are some really good quality western saddles that is around 25 lbs. If you got cash to spare, consider those.

The material used in making western saddles is ultimately more important than the weight of the saddles itself. The tree of premium western saddles are made up of super tough Tru-form tree. Leather used should be of optimum quality, preferably first grade Hermann Oak skirting leather. Top it up with Australian workmanship and this one powerful saddle can be worth up to 4 digits.

Some very popular brands of western saddles include Billy Cook and Simco, which will mostly come with a 5 year guarantee. Western saddles should allow you to feel comfortable without squeezing up your buttocks when sitting on it on the horse. When fitting the horse with the saddle, make sure the width of the saddle tree fits the horse nicely. As always, the best way to find out would be to ride the horse and take note of any restriction in movements or strains.

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