The leading synthetic saddle manufacturer in the world... you can't go much wrong with Wintec

When it comes to making synthetic saddle, Wintec Western Saddle makes it better that most other brands. Wintec western saddle is so popular mainly because of its appeal to horse enthusiast interested in trail or pleasure riding, for children who enjoy horse riding or for those who simply need a back up horse saddle in their stable.

Wintec Western Saddle has a few advantages over other rival brands. Mainly, it is lightweight, weatherproof, requires little care and it is convenient on the whole.

As horse riding can last up to a few hours, having a lightweight saddle is very important for the comfort of your horse. Lightweight saddles are definitely more comfortable especially for long rides. Wintec Western Saddle is weatherproof making it suitable for all conditions and terrains. Be in on dry land or under the rain, it will pass the test with ease.

Wintec Western Saddle also requires little care because cleaning up is simply washing and rinsing it with soap and water, just like washing clothes. There is no need to look for the oil or wax, unlike tradition horse saddles. All these features make it appealing to young horse riders who are more interested in the riding aspect than the stable work.

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