Youth western saddles for your little kids

Contrary to what some of you may think, horse riding for kids is actually not expensive at all. Don't factor in cost of buying a horse, horse tack and accessories just adds up to around $500. While normal horse saddles can range anything from $700 upwards, youth western saddles on the other hand can be as cheap as $200. More on price later though.

Youth western saddles comes in different sorts for the horse riding style your child is learning. This is definitely not a one-size-fits-all. If your child is into roping, there is one for him. If he is interested in barrel racing, there is one for him too. Similarly, there are youth western saddles for ranch, racers, pony and trails. Basically, it covers almost every area.

Seat size for youth western saddles are around 11" to 13" with half sizes available, so be sure to find out what size your child requires. Pony saddles are generally cheaper than youth western saddles, though they can be interchangable. But do note that pony saddles are generally for leisure purposes such as trail walking etc. If your child is specializing in an area, it may be more appropriate to invest in the proper form of saddles.